Sunday, May 11, 2014

Walk with me

Every morning around 8:30 am to 9:00 am I take a twenty-five minute walk to work.

At first I thought that, if I had a car I wouldn't be wasting time walking there.

Things are different now, I'm learning to embrace the few minutes of peace and quiet I get.

Between a full time job, school and a boyfriend I have very little time to spend on myself. All the thinking and planning is really getting to me.I think and think all the time, to the point that I feel it's unhealthy.

I think about homework assignments, or test, about how I'm going to pay my bills and whether I should get a second job. If I do get a second job, when will I have time for school? UGH!!! I'm convinced, I'm going through a quarter crisis. But I guess it could be always be worst.

My morning walks let me forget about my self diagnosed crisis. The time alone with myself allows me to stop thinking so much and just enjoy the walk. Benefits of Walking by Tommy Boone, PhD, MPH, FASEP, EOC says, walking can "give you a feeling of detachment from daily pressures."

It explains why I find my morning walks so enjoyable. Walking gives me the alone time I need and love so much.

Though sometimes rainy mornings can be a pain, I don't mind them. In some crazy way, my mind feels like the rain drops are just washing away the negative vibes around me.

But nothing can compare to Sunny mornings.

Those are always the best. I truly love walking through North Lawn Ave. in Elmsford.

It's green trees at the peak of the hill are just perfect. Specially early in the morning, when the day is still cool, and the sun is out. Those morning always brighten up my day.

The 25 minutes that I take to be alone with my walks help me so much. I can honesty say that in those minutes I feel stress free. That's until I get to work and once again the thoughts start and the stress piles up.

But tomorrow is another day, and another twenty-five minutes of a stress free walk to work awaits me.


  1. Betsy, It is interesting the benefits of walking. As you mention before, we spend many hours worrying about something, that we don't enjoy a sunny, or cloudy day. I prefer the rainy days. You feel the negativity is been washed away - I agree.

  2. I'm glad you agree. I hope learning about the benefits of walking inspire to do some more walking :)