Tuesday, February 10, 2015

My boyfriend's crush?

I’m starting to think my boyfriend has a secret crush on Steve Wilkos. For the past six months my boyfriend has been watching The Steve Wilkos Show on WB11 way too much. By way too much I mean everyday, every single show that comes on air during the day.  He’s clearly obsessed.

Crush or no crush?

Since the cold weather has forced both of us to spend way too much time at home. We have found that watching The Steve Wilkos show is rather entertaining. We enjoy it so much that earlier this week we decided to take the trip to see him live.  

The show is filmed in Stamford Connecticut in the same studio as Jerry Springer and Maury.  With that being said…we knew this would be fun.

It took us about thirty minutes to drive from Tarrytown, NY to Stamford. Once there we received the free tickets for the 3:30pm show. Little did we know that we would be waiting until almost five a clock to be seated.

But NBC Universal knows how to treat their guest.  Many people come for the early shows at 10:00 am and some decide to stay for later shows. Since there’s only about a thirty-minute wait between shows, people that want to stay don’t have a chance to go out and eat.  NBC solved this problem by bringing pizza for the audience members before the show starts. That way no one complains about the long waiting time and no one goes hungry.

The shows started with a dancing contest. About five women volunteer to go on stage and dance for a chance to get a free shirt, or cup. Though it sounds simple, not many people know how to dance. My boyfriend and I laughed as these women moon-walked on stage. It was truly entertaining. 

After the dancing a prices are given away Steve Wilkos comes on stage and answers any questions the audience may have. I though that was really nice of him, to come out and interact with the people instead of just doing the show and not acknowledging the audience. He’s also a lot taller than I thought.
Soon after the show started with man trying to prove to his wife he wasn’t cheating. Luck for him, he passed the lie detector test.  Then we saw a woman accusing her sister of sleeping with her fiance. It turns out they were not sleeping together, but he did cheat on her with another woman.

Since we had nothing else to do that day, my boyfriend and I decided to stay for the second show. This time the topics were emotional and serious.

A woman accused her mother and boyfriend of beating up her to son causing the boy severe injuries.  This story was really sad because at the end, the lie detector test revealed that both the Grandmother of the child and the mother’s boyfriend had hurt the little boy.  

After being on set with Steve Wilkos I kind of understood my boyfriends weird obsession. I would definitely recommend the show, I had a lot of fun and I wouldn’t mind going to see him again. As a matter of fact, we are planning a second trip to the studio. This time to see the Jerry Springer show. I can hardly wait.   

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